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Growing up Formula (12-36 months)

Ensuring a growing toddler’s nutritional needs are met is important for their good health. That is why we created Synlait Growing-up Formula, a dairy milk-based formula suitable for feeding of ...

Anhydrous Milk Fat

We produce anhydrous milk fat made from fresh pasteurised cream. Due to the consistent milk composition profile from irrigated farms, the solid fat milk profile is more consistent across the year.

Skim Milk Powders

We produce a wide range of premium skim milk powders to suit different functional specifications, with varying heat treatments, instantising, UHT grade and modified bulk densities for canned products....

Source & Quality

We are driven to ensure every product is world-class.

People & Expertise

Passion and experience allow us to make a real difference for our customers.

Senior Leadership Team

Our Senior Leadership Team are highly skilled and committed to our vision of becoming the world’s most innovative and trusted dairy company. The team is led by our Managing Director and CEO, Dr ...

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are committed to building a world-class nutritional business and the enhancement of shareholder value. Find out more about them and their proven track record of dairy industry ...

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Who We Support

Synlait is a company dedicated to human health and wellbeing. We sponsor groups and individuals who share our passion for nutrition and the role a healthy lifestyle plays in our daily lives.